Success today #156




This involve finding out, who is the qualified decision maker, do they have good financial capacity to buy your product. The ability to make someone say yes is basically based on the ability to qualify them. To make them believe they are the right people to take the product.


Presentation means presenting an intangible product while demonstration is presenting a tangible product.


This is basically dealing with concerns. Most people will never just say yes. They must say some NO first. How do you handle concerns?


This is the richest fundamental. Its what determine if the prospect will buy your product or not. Different people have different ways of closing a sale. Without the mastery of this, you can’t be able to generate more income, or make the best out of it. Find your way of making them give you the agreement, the commitment or financially by exchanging the cash.


Part 3


Its in this step that you can be able to build a long term thriving business. I you know how to ask for referrals, every happy client will end up bringing 2 more or three or five or ten more.


This is a formula used to get the answer for point number five ⇧.

S – Stimulus.
R – Response.

Every question or comment by the prospect is called a stimulus. What you give back, your answer, is the response. For you to make a sale, you have to give the right response to every question. How then can you be able to give the right response every time?
Let’s look at P first.

P – Pause.  When a stimulus is presented, pause but not too long.

To give the right response every time, you need to master PDR. Its the most important part of the formula.
P – Practice.
D – Drill.
R – Rehearse.
This is where you can go pro. When you turn some time and use for PDR sessions, I.e learning every response to every stimulus the buyer can give you, you will master all the stimulus and that’s when you can be at the top of your game.

This is Joshua Kiprono saying …
Its a plum pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to share with you. Thank you.


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