Success today #153


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Empathy can be defined as understanding and entering into other’s feeling or the feeling that you understand and share other persons experiences and emotions. The ability to share someone else’s feelings. Its like making someone feel and believe you feel exactly how they feel.
So, empathetic listening is listening with the intent to understand and not to reply. It also goes with this law, “Seek first to understand then be understood”.

Let’s talk about two kinds of people.
1. Interesting extroverts. They are interesting because that’s what they like to be. They are talkative people, outgoing, love to control conversations. They are real talkers.
2. Interested introvert. This is the kind of a person who is soft spoken, extremely good listener, loves to let other people control conversations, and people really relax when with an interested introvert.

Its so important that we try to relate to people. We cannot expect them to change and think the way we are thinking. What we want to do is relate to them in their situations. Its really the only way to have empathy and leverage that empathy and be successful in our lives and businesses. We have to listen with intent to understand.

Most often we are not paying attention to what its said but are busy thinking of what to reply. To communicate effectively, we must first understand each other. One of the principles of Empathy is to diagnose before recommending. When you are going to identify an opportunity, going to solve a problem, you really have to understand the problem by leveraging on empathy. Let your first job be to diagnose. Understand what people are before you can help them. That way, you will be the best solution provider.


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