The damage was bad, but beyond the bruises, beyond the torn clothing, beyond the scalps,  a belief had been planted. She could not forget the screams of those boys, she could not forget, even after the bruises were healed. There was this whisper in her mind for all the years that would follow ,” maybe nobody does like me, maybe am not worthy, maybe am weird, maybe am cursed, maybe am not good enough”

How is it that our beliefs are shaped? Its our beliefs that make up our destination in life, its our beliefs that shape how we feel, how we experience the entire world. Your ability to relate, talk and engage with other people is basically based on believe. So if you can learn how to change your believes, you can change your life.

When a child is born, he or she blank, with no believe. But the believe system is soon installed based on the environment. If he or she is born in Sochoi, or Westlands, or Kenya or Canada or in a fear based family or in a positive based family or in a rich family or a poor family. By the age of three, the neural signature of the child equals that of parents who have influenced and they walk with that neural signature for the rest of their life. Its like a software installed into a computer. So our parents play a big role in shaping our belief system. Not barely by how they talk but how they behave. We tend to adapt their philosophies, their view of life,  their perspectives, their behavior and even their choices.


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