Success today #150




Ever felt like no matter how hard you work diligently, or learn or do something you just can’t go beyond some point? Ever felt like every time you just hit the ceiling and never succeeding ? Could that be true? When you know what you are doing is just equivalent to the tip of an iceberg, what can you do to exploit your full potential? Hope you will enjoy going through this 10 part article.

A story is told of a young girl. A true life story. Her parents were immigrants. They came to this state – California but could not speak a word in English and had very little money in their pockets. However, they saved some money and bought a little land, about 1100 square feet and raised 7 children. Seven. So this little girl was not brought up in luxury. She was also born fifth in the raw. Remember, fifth from beginning and third from last is an easy position to get lost and inconspicuous in a family. Her clothes were handed down, she never had new if not one or two, her senior siblings used to have their successes celebrated but by the time she achieved the same, they were just expected, while she always felt loved, she always never felt special and most of the time she just felt awkward.

One day afternoon, this girl is walking home from school. She is wearing a blue dress, one handed down from her sister, but her favorite coz it had some colorful white strip at the bottom and a little lace by the sleeve. Every mother is picking her kid from school but she is walking. Its not long before she sense something is wrong. She hear the sound of somebody chasing her. Its two boys running behind her, their sneakers are shuffling on the ground and their back bags are shifting on their backs, they quicken their pace to try catch up with her. She is breathless of fear, looks through her right, looks through her left for an escape route. Before she can find one, she feels a hand on her shoulder. He whips him around and realize its John, his desk mate.  He has never been this close that he can see the tiniest pimple on his nose.  Then the fight begins. The two boys pull her hair, kick her around, throw her down,punch her arms, and throw screams saying ” No body likes you, everybody hates you, you are weird, you are a nobody” she tries to hit back, defend herself but she can’t. Finally they run away.


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