Success today #149


Part two.

2.See yourself being worthy, being able to go beyond the fear. Visualize yourself. Know that you deserve to have that passion. You’ve got to see in your mind, picture and know you’ve got what it takes. See in your mind eye overcoming your fears, going beyond that door you fear most. You’ve got the right stuff. You are strong enough.

3. Accept your self and accept fear as a fact but not force. Fear does not have some force to stop you from going.Its a fact that you going to experience it, but don’t let it hold you back. It does not have power other than that which you give it. Moreover, you’ve got to train your inner thinking or else it will take you on a crazy adventure. Sometimes you will have to talk to your face, take a mirror and motivate yourself.

4. Do your best and do what is right. Everyone knows he has some role to play, in the society, to the family and even to his life. If at some point you realize you have not done what you ought to do, what do you think will be the result? You will try to fill the gaps with garbage. You will drink alcohol, get drugs, be worried, develop negative thoughts, be afraid of almost everything and even hate especially those who succeeded.. You will begin to unconsciously work against yourself. You become your own worst enemy.


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