Success today #148


Success first line

It is true you can either live your dreams or live your fears. Majority of people are actually not living their dreams. Right? What are your fears actually? what are you afraid of? What are you really scared of? We all have fears, something holding us back. Something keeping us from living our full potential.

Fear can be defined as false evidence or false expectations appearing real. A story is told of a guy, he was living in an area where he had some new neighbors. The neighbors had a bulldog. This bulldog used to chase him about a block away from his house. Everyday. He got tired about it. So one day as he was running, he saw a rock, picked it up and turned only to realize the dog had no teeth. The best it could do was to bark. Many people run because of false expectations. Sometimes we are so intelligent that we are scared to death because of false expectations.

So, what do we do about fear?
1. Acknowledge it. Know that its okay. Don’t condemn yourself of being afraid. Its perfectly fine to have some fears. Embrace and move on. You know its always this way, what you resist will persist. In reality, your fears are not as bad as they seem.

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