Success today #147



Part Three.

-You can do it. You do really deserve that dream you always dream. You deserve to drive that dream car but only can you do that if you know you can do it. Develop a burning desire towards it. Plan well and stick to the plan. Always wake up, tell yourself that you can do it. You can live the dream, you can think positive, you can have the right attitude, you can achieve your goals, you can be faithful and truthful.
Normal reasoning will tell you, you cannot do it but have the guts. Have faith and do it.

– Have a strong why power. Know why you are doing something. Know why you are in school, why you are a father, why you need to achieve. When you don’t have a reason to do something, you will surely not do it. Even if its the simplest thing to do. Take for example, there is a pole between two 20 storey buildings. Would you cross them without a reason? Nay! But what if on the other side you kid is standing and the building is in fire? You will cross without thinking of the danger. Why? Because you have a reason, a strong why power. Your reason will be like a rod and staff to comfort and guide you, help you get up when you fall.

– Associate with winners. Its your business to succeed. Its your doing. If you wanna succeed, associate with success. People you will always be with will always influence you. Stay with a winner and be a winner. Stay with five self sufficient people and be another self sufficient person.


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