Success today #146



Part two.

Its hard. Its hard to be successful, its hard to walk past the door you fear, its hard to work, its not easy to do one more thing than everyone. Its hard to avoid doubting yourself, its hard to keep from looking at the negativities of life, its hard to push forward, its hard to keep running towards the dream. But don’t stop.

– You have to pass rough times. There are hard and rough times coming. You gotta be sure about that. But be sure also that hard times are not there to last. They will only be for a short while. Also remember that in every rough time, there is a seed of success in it. Don’t waver, don’t give up, don’t think negative but wait and open your eyes to see the seed.

-Know yourself, understand who you really are, know how your body works and more so your mind. Some people have a wrong perspective of who they are. Some think they are cursed, some think they are failures, some think they were born by mistake, some think they can never win and some think they can never achieve. One funny thing is, life will reward exactly that perspective. I dream of a day, where all my friends will see themselves in a positive way. Will see the greatness in them, will make mind pictures of their dreams and walk by them, will touch other peoples life and bring great positive change.


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