Success today #143


trojan horse

What could be the most important skill of 21 st century? What is the skill that can pay you a fortune more than ever before? What is this skill that separates the successful from the failures of 21st century?  What is the most needed skill?

Imagine there was a person burning your notes, with a matchstick every day as you look. What would you do to him? How long would you take to take an action? Truth be said, there is something burning our cash every day. The problem is, many do not see it. Its only the successful who see and take action.

Distraction is the greatest danger in the 21st century. There are many windows to distraction more than ever before. It is the number one threat to productivity, to achievement of goals, to full realization of dreams and fulfilling definite purposes in life. Its draining focus, its draining teamwork success, its draining financial success, its draining creativity. Study your day and give an estimate cost of distraction, then convert it into monetary value. That value is like cash you just take and dump in the latrines. Never to get them. Be warned! This danger, this threat is increasing rapidly just as change is accelerating.

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