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Push yourself.
“You are always great under pressure.” Your parents make you feel bad because you were beaten in an exam by your opposite gender and the next semester, you work hard to beat them. When you get past that door you always fear, you are actually much more smarter. Push through. Let desire and faith well developed aid you. You can also make fun out of fear.

Work hard.
The harder you work, the luckier you get. Where do you think the best projects go to? Where do costly presents go to? Where do the best houses and vehicles go to? Where do the best rewards go to? They all go to those who work hard. Those who manage to be the best in what they do. They who win. Be tenacious and work as if today were your last day. Work on your PRODUCTIVE work time.

Don’t Relax.
Eradicate the human behavior of relaxing. You cannot take a breath when your competitors want to take food off your table. To build enduring and sustainable success, you have to eradicate the feeling that you have already won. Keep working. After all, you will never find joy in relaxing but in service, working, doing something. Whether you like it or not, skills are developed through many, many hours of hard work. Many people think just going to school is enough to develop and be competent in a skill. Skill competency is equal time spend. “Work your face off! Have an outrageous work ethic.”


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