Success today #141




Part 4.

Say No!
Steve Jobs once said, ” many people think focusing is about saying yes… Nay! ..Its about saying No! ” There will always be a silver plate passing. If you go on chasing each, you will never have one but if you follow what you focus, saying no to all other small aims, you can be sure of success. Let’s learn to do one thing at a time and totally focus all of our energy on that. Try doing 12 things at once, nothing will happen. Be discipline to say NO, always ask yourself what you are best at and learn to prune your life.

If you are going to own a company, or be a leader of the biggest institution, or leader of many companies, you will have to learn how to delegate. Find someone better than yourself and give him the responsibility. Plant in him the big picture and give him the whole freedom. Also most important is, give him opportunity to fail. The reason many are not expanding, or growing is because they are trying to do everything themselves.

In 100 attempts, 80% will always be a failure. Do not be embarrassed when you fail. Do not give up. See adversity as a challenge. There will be always a seed of success in every failure. Take time and wait from it. Remember, the time when you wanna bail is actually the time where opportunity exists. My highschool principal used to say, its always darkest just before sunrise. Try more, after all, you will only be remembered by your success not your attempts.


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