Success today #140



Cute thinking kid girl in glasses with empty bubble looking
where do I start from?

A successful company consist of people, a successful character is developed from learning from great people, the biggest asset is people. Someone will only be great as friends around him, a company will be as great as great people in it. The best team wins. Apple didn’t win because of Steve Jobs alone, but because of great people he employed. Pick the right people to be friends or partners. Choose people with different skills but are the best in them. Choose the best person to be checking on you.

Know yourself.
Recognize your strengths and deficits. We both know you are not good in everything. Even in highschool, there were people who were good in writing compositions but can’t solve chemical equations in chemistry. Take one more step and build a team around your deficit. Realize you are not good in everything.

Develop a team.
Teams always perform better than individuals. If you can create a group of eight and let them work towards a goal, you will realize all have strengths and weaknesses. Forget about weaknesses and focus on the strengths. Maximize your team’s strengths. Find how to improve each member’s strength. Motivate, encourage, inspire, teach, add value.


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