Success today #139


success today


Everyone is a motivator. If you got into a dinner, with ten people seated, listen to what they discuss and say, get the best brain, get the best idea, summarize it into one big idea, there will be so much ideas and lessons. Have a constant growth mindset wanting to learn from people who are achieving, doing it, succeeding, leading, winning. Have eyes open, ears open and mind ready to learn.

Do it big. If you are going to do something, do it big. If you want to have a company, plan something big, if you want to start a business, plan something big. Do something you are sure a mediocre wouldn’t do. The rewards are big. Take for example if you want to plant trees, what number would you go for? 10, 100,1000, 10,000, 100000? If I were you, I will go for the max. If one tree after 1 year is ksh 100, how much will you have in each case? Take a look at the successful people. They own big stuff, look at Safaricom, serving a huge number and they are therefore successful. Look at Facebook.. WhatsApp, Kenya power, Safari lodge.

Dream the big dreams. Dream the kind of dreams other people said would not be possible. You know, it does not matter where you start from. Many have started from the poor backgrounds, from just a single penny, from that background we may think nothing good can come from. We both know what you are doing is just a little fraction of what you can do. You can do more, you can be more, achieve more, have greater impact. Think big and do big.

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