“What is easy to do is also not easy to do” Today in the afternoon, I met a doctor and I started complaining of some virus spreading making people cough and sneeze a lot. This is what he told me.” People do not do the simple things to improve immunity. They don’t take ten glasses of water, they don’t take fruits, not even the common antioxidants like lemons, they take too much sugar. They are lazy to prepare food sometimes thus end up taking food cooked yesterday. If the stomach is in a bad condition, the body is sick and has low immunity. If you don’t do this things, you will always keep complaining of some diseases. Go do these simple things. If you get that virus, come sue me.” Neglecting the easy things makes big difference.

The biggest problem is, 95% behavior is unconscious which means we are not making a decision about it at all. We just find ourselves having done. You earn 50k and soon you find yourself having nothing, money flew out of the pocket, you get to the fridge, pick some juice, bake some cakes and take .. Soon your body is sick. The big question is, HOW CAN ONE CONTROL BEHAVIOR? How can you control how you spend? how can you control what you eat? How can you control how you spend time?

One solution is to be aware. Take for example, if you want to be aware of how you spend your cash, write down everything you buy. Keep a record and always question how wise your spending is I.e every week. Soon you will realize you have too much to save. One day give a  testimony on the power of being aware. Track everything you do.

Behavior can also be changed by becoming. Its always not what you do but who you become. I always love this quote by Jim ” Success is not something to pursue , its something to attract by who you become. You want more, become more,


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