Two ladies are taken to a five star hotel. Two tables,  one with water and another with cup cakes, are presented. Assume you are one of the ladies, which table would you take? Remember how five star hotels have yummy, well cooked, professional cup cakes. If you took the table with cup cakes, what would you get? Joy, happiness, feel good and even peachy.! What if you just took a glass of water? You get nothing.

When you make a bad choice, you are rewarded instantly but when you make a good choice, you get nothing in the short run. This is the challenge we face always. It requires strong self control to keep on track. It is true in this world we must face two kinds of pain, one is the pain of discipline and two is the pain of regret. The pain of discipline weigh grams while the pain of regret weigh tons.

Daily, our body demand instant gratification I.e from TV, cheese, phone, sweets, coffee and so on. Notice this paradox in life. ” Short term pain creates long time pleasure and short term pleasure create long term pain.” Choosing water over cup cakes is a miracle. Why not walk on miracles all day? Choosing short term pain over short term pleasure🙂


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