A story is told of a student. He was clever, good in almost all he did. He used to top in his class.. You know this kind of people they always just pass. He was the favorite to almost every teacher. I bet if he was your classmate, you would aim to be his friend.

He was indeed a trusted lad. One day, he was given a good sum of school fee. However, he received pressure from his friends to participate in some sport betting. Reluctantly, he accepted and did bet with almost all the fee. Unfortunately, he lost.:pensive:.

He could not stand the shame and disgrace. He did rent some small hotel. Three days later, he was found saying this ” my God, I cannot stand this, this will kill me” He was repeating the same over and over. Few hours later, he passed away. Doctors said it was due to mental suicide.

Take care of what you think.


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