Self confidence is like an antidote to any virus that try to kill the seed, the plan, the aim, the goal, the thought, the impulse. Without self confidence, its really almost hard to achieve if not very hard. Let’s have a look at the


First, DEMAND of yourself continuous, persistent action towards achievement of your goal, aim, thought or dream.

Know that you have the ability to achieve a definite purpose you have set. Demand, demand, demand of yourself definite consistent action. I repeat, consistent action. Through consistency, you will be able to attract more vibrations into the mind that are in harmony with the goal or aim or dream.

Second, develop a clear picture of who you wanna be.

To achieve this, first, notice that the dominating thoughts of the mind will eventually reproduce themselves in the outward, physical environment and and transform into a reality. Therefore, concentrate some minutes daily, thinking of the mental picture of the ideal person-you.

Thirdly, write down a description of your chief definite aim in life. Never stop trying to achieve it until you will have a grounded self confidence about it.

Finally, engage in something that does benefit. Dwell in truth, justice and love. Eliminate hatred, jealousy, envy and selfishness. Have a positive attitude towards others because we all know negative attitude towards others will never bring us success. Repeat over and over again to yourself, that you will be a successful, self reliant person. Develop this faith and nature will bend to your faith.


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