We all come into this world naked, knowing nothing and tiny. However, we all grow. We also socialize, learn, gain knowledge, develop some believe, faith, dreams and goals, learn to love, desire blablabla…

If we were to summarize all the principles of success, what would be the one word that sum it all? Its this word that determine if we will drive in a 20 years old corolla or the latest V-8 or latest Porsche. It will determine the kind of house you will end up living in, either rocket grass thatched house or a mansion. It will determine if you will go to heaven or hell..what is this one word?

Who you are today is a sum of choices you have always made. So the one word is, choice. There are many choices made every day but do they all matter or some matter more?  How many time have you been bit by a giraffe or hit by a cow? But how many times have you been bit by a mosquito? The little things matter more. The little choices you have to make matter more. Success is the:
1. Small
2. Seemingly insignificant
3. Moment to moment
4. Choices.


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