An impulse, a thought, a plan is like a seed in the mind. When planted on fertile soul, it germinates, grows, multiplies itself over and over again until the original seed becomes a thousand fold.

Notice, the mind constantly curries vibrations of fear, disease, failure mystery and vibrations of success, health, joy, happiness, prosperity and love. The mind attract vibrations of that which harmonize with what dominates. Therefore, any seed, idea, thought, plan attracts the vibration, grows until it becomes a motivating master of the mind. The seed is simply planted by conveying it into mind, by repetition and continuous self suggestion, it gets rooted, attract vibrations that harmonize with it and finally becomes a motivation master.

We are indeed what we are because of the dominant vibration. We also attract these vibrations from the environment. Resolve to always keep away from the unfortunate environment, environment with many negative stimuli, or vibrations.


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