faith 2


Its almost impossible to describe how faith develops. Its like describing the difference between a V8 and a Porsche to a blind lad. Difficult like the word difficult. Its a state of mind and grows voluntarily most often gradually through repetition of affirmation of orders.

Ever asked yourself why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer? Seems its because of this believe. A child in a poor family will believe he is unfortunate, doomed and that there is some greater power which they cannot control. Little do they realize they are creators of their own misfortune. The belief that they are poor is repeated over and over to conscious mind. Eventually, it yields its equivalent.

If you can repeat your desire to your mind, then you will achieve it. If you want to drive a jaguar, or the latest range rover, it all starts with the burning desire repeated over and over. If its true one can be a criminal by being in contact with it for long, then its also true one can be successful by being in contact with success and thinking about it too.


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