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A story is told of a boy named Blair. He was born hard deaf. His parents had a burning desire for the kid to hear one day. They took him to various hospitals but always, the sad news landed on their ears.

The burning desire was not quenched even by the negativity. They knew with every failure, these is a seed for success. When Blair was seven years old, he borrowed about two dollars and traded on magazines. At the end of the day, he had made more than $42. The parents kept encouraging him. They knew if they could instill in him the desire to hear, he would one day hear. He joined the common primary schools but not the one for the special. Remember he could hear when shouted at, but was also aided with the electronic aids.

When he was 17, he came across some electronic aids that enabled him hear just as everyone. His desire was achieved. He was so happy that he wrote a letter to the company which manufactured the instrument. The owner took a step and invited him to visit the company. To cut the story short. Blair worked in the company as a leader. He became a successful man. Always remember nature bends to your desires. If that boy went to the streets to borrow, he would never succeed or even hear.

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