just one more


Best, as a noun means, the person who is most outstanding, or excellent, or someone who tops all others. I bet all of us want to be BEST. But how can one be best?

Back in high school, there was this guy who used to be the best almost every time. I tried to study how he managed to always win. This is the secret I found a few days ago. He used to do one or two or three things more than everyone. If everyone woke up at five, he used to wake up a few minutes to five if not an hour earlier. If you did a discussion he would do just one more thing everyone didn’t. Read through the notes taken during the discussion. Doing just one more thing made him the best.

Learn to always do just one more. If everyone is learning three skills, add just one more. When you have reached your limit, just do one more. Only one more and you will always be the best.
Just one more.đŸ™‚


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