Think different


Before you think of success, you must think of doing something different. Something quite impossible. Something that will make you different, something that will show you think different. Maybe this is why Apple’s slogan is “think different”. The big question is, how can you think different in a society where one in a thousand think different? Who will motivate you? Who will propel you? Who will show you?

I always like this story of Jacob. Jacob took his brother’s birthright, authority and blessings. In haste, he leaves home with only a simple pillow and almost nothing else. Traveling from Beersheba to Haran, a distance of 700 hundred km. Just before he descends then head to the villages of Haran, he decides to think different. Instead of the common pillow, made of sheep wool, he decides to use a stone. Pause a minute, would you sleep on a stone pillow?? Nay, never if you had something more comfortable. We all know how much that decision paid.

Today, do something different. Try something new, go into this path that no one does, the new path, the hidden path. For example, if you are a student in campus, take all your helb loan and invest maybe in stocks, or maybe take all your pocket money for a month and save in M-shwari. Do you think you will die? Nay, you will see new opportunities to earn and not be dependent on pocket. I know of a successful man, he was not paid for six months and he was able to identify an opportunity that is paying him a fortune. Take the unseen path. It will be very hard but remember the returns will be too good that you will think the hard time was a blessing.

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