Do we really deserve anything from anyone? Nay! Not even a cent, not even fee from a father, not even pocket money, not even happiness, not even a text of encouragement, nothing at all.

Few weeks ago, I was reading a story of one of the most successful guy in America. His success started when he went to work in some store where he was paid just a mint for two weeks and nothing thereafter. He learned to open his eyes to the many opportunities around, that in a month, he was earning 10 times what he would genuinely earn in the store. The point is, he knew he only deserved what he worked for. Killing his habit of complaining and trying something else, better opportunities. He knew he was his self master and king.

Today many people are not in good terms. Why? everyone thinks its someone’s responsibility to do something and they get mad if they don’t do something. Kids are mad at parents because they fail to give or buy something. Parents are mad at their kids because they finish school and disappear not even giving back, not appreciating. Learn to say thank you. Learn to give back. Learn to appreciate and blessings, joy, success and happiness will always flow on your way.


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