three kinds

There are three kinds of people. Those who walk in hope, those who walk on wishes and those who walk on definite pulsating desires. When one gets out of a bus, he or she may be thinking like a king or a poor man destined to live in the slum or very discouraged or happy. Its indeed a mystery why people have different thoughts even though in the same locality.

We all know what we are conscious of is what we become. Take for instance these three kind of people. Their thoughts eventually place them in some social class in the community. Those who walk on wishes will always be in the lower class. Why? When you keep wishing, you kill the impulses of action. You kill dreams and action becomes inaction. Those who hope are always the middle class men and women. Most often. Those who have a definite pulsating desire are always successful. Its key to note, the successful have all the three characters. They wish, then they act. When faced with challenges and failures the hope and the definite desire move them on.

Its for you to decide where to be. It all starts today. What do you desire to achieve today? Set a goal on it and before you sleep, measure your achievement.

You only win a goal only when you want to win.

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