There are millions of people who have an idea but do not know where to get started. Many students too are graduating from collage not knowing where where to turn to. The helb loan is no more, the pocket money is no more. They have many plans, they want to marry soon, they want to own a house and a famous V-8 if not a common vits. The problem is, many do not know what to do, where to turn to or where to start life from.

From my research, it all starts from a desire, determination and will. Once you have the will, make the goals. Be sure to know how to make goals then measure your achievement. You will realize that at first, it will be hard, there will be many failures and standing blocks but remember success is for those who stickability is stronger than quitability.

Have you read about the story of Ford, the one who engendered the process of making the V-8?
Ford had a desire to have 8 cylinders in one engine. Something that was impossible. He tasked his engineers to work on it no matter what. They had nothing to do but work on what was impossible. One month passed, six months, one year but still no solution. Then like by magic there was a solution. Before you start out, have the desire, set high goal and work on it. Success is that easy🙂

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