temporary defeat
Many people have lost big fortunes, windows to success or solutions through this guy named temporary defeat.

You may have at some point realized the cost of it. Maybe while doing a math quiz or writing a chemical formula in chemistry. Probably, no one can explain its cost more that Derby’s uncle. Darby’s uncle lived at the time of the Gold fever or better still Gold rush. After working for long, he was rewarded with the discovery of the shinning ore, gold. He went home, got the machinery and labor to work on it. Soon he was on his way to success having paid off his debts but there was a problem. They reached the end of the ore vein too soon. Darby’s uncle gave up and transported back the machinery to Maryland and sold some at a cheap price. Derby however was not satisfied. He went to look for an engineer who came and analyzed the mine and realized they were just THREE METRES AWAY FROM another big vein. Imagine 🤔.

Always your mind is mining for the same gold. Learn to kill this habit of quitting when faced with temporary defeat.

Its always darker just before sunrise.

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