Success today 1

Does winning always mean a win? Nay! My high school English teacher taught me that most often, we win by losing sometimes. I have recently learned what he meant in a broader way.

Opportunities rarely come trough the front door but most often through the back window. That’s why its called an opportunity. Opportunities are not for everyone but only those who know how to look.

Take for example, you are vying for some seat then you lose unfairly. What opportunity can you see? Any? Yeah, there are many..I.e selling an online election system Integrated with a biometric system. That way, there can never be cases of unfair elections.

Always remember great opportunities come from a different direction, from the back window. Open your eyes and see. When you see one, grab it and run away with it🙂

Imagine there is an impulse in your mind. Slowly, it starts growing like a baby child. Soon it matures, looking pretty or beautiful, or cute, or nice or awesome. It hits your mind and its like telling you it need to go out there to look for its partner.

What happens if you kill it? It will be desperate, lame, angry at you, always hating and complaining, impulsive and rude. What if you allow it to go out there? It will find a lover, an opportunity, it will be happy, lovely, great, live happily there after and in return it will pay you a fortune. Big fortune.

Learn to grow the impulse in you, the small voice telling you to do something better, telling you what to do to succeed, the small genius in you. That small impulse is the basis of success.

What do you want! Do you know? Are you sure? Can you stand by it? How far can you go to achieve it? How much are you willing to sacrifice for it, remember nothing goes for free unless salvation.

Take for instance, someone really want to visit the president one day, or go to heaven, like fly to heaven, or own a porche or Jaguar or a range rover. How much does he or she have to sacrifice for it?

Know what you want and stand by it always. Have the will, set the goal and you will realize it:blush:


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