The idioms “where there is a will there is a way” or better still, “To him that will, ways are not wanting” are still very true to this day. Sometimes we tend to forget though and we lose hope to even get started. Take for example a friend of mine want to buy a laptop. She faces two big challenges. First, she has two siblings to aid in paying their fee. Second, she fears it may be stolen.

Note this today, where there is a burning will, there is a sure win. Think of what you really want. Health, power, good life, success, good car, heaven, good job… Whichever it is. Let it grow deep in you and you can be sure to succeed. Don’t give up too soon. Make up your mind, stand by until you succeed. Its what you think that do count.

We all know no one can ever hide love. You just know two who are in love by a simple look. Some say the eyes do twinkle. What happens when one loves his job? What happens when one loves his desires and goal? What happens when one loves his life? It will be seen and known to everyone. There is some power in loving something. Love makes big mountains look like plains. So to your will recipe, add love.


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