The power of Action.


Who is the wealthiest man ever lived? What was his profession? How did he used his time? Was he just like me and you?

Faithful steward are people who are faithful from day to day throughout the day. They make excellence their daily experience and always success is their story.  Excellence in everything they do – action.

Adam is the richest man to have ever lived. He owned everything, was the king, of whole the world even over birds of air and all animals. However, he was not lazy. He had a task to name and take care of the garden of Eden. I wonder how much work he used to do. Actually, he was told to subdue the earth, or in other words – wrestle and get the best out if the earth. If Adam, the richest man who ever lived worked a lot, who am I to afford laziness?

We really have no business with poverty. God has given us big brains to think and use. He also gives us many opportunities everyday though most often we  decide not to grab much less see them. Great men, like Abraham and Job were very successful people. Money didn’t corrupt them. Actually the root of evil is love of money. Not money!
Be excellent in all you do. God too expects the best from us. Why would he promise us mansions with gold paths.


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