The brain is the organ and instrument of the mind, and controls the whole body. Take for example when someone is sick, the electric power of the brain, promoted by the mental activity vitalizes the whole system to fight against the disease. Was talking with a friend, a psychologist and she said someone dies when he or she chooses death. Indeed, some are just sick because of will power.

We all have met many people who are really sufferers through imagination. They lack the will power to compat the mind, to rise above what is common, to tax the mind to give better, to order the mind to look for better satisfying opportunities😐.

The mind is made up of blood. Sound mind and sound body is a result of sound food intake. It is true what we eat is what we become. Many by indulging is “poor food ” and alcoholic drinks develop this mind sickness. They fail to make good decisions, to have the will power, to look beyond the nose, to have self denial “remember the power of saying no”, and self control.

Its the duty of anyone aspiring to be successful to always cultivate cheerfulness, joy and happiness instead of brooding on negative imaginations, sad moments, negative comments and so on. Its by cultivating cheerfulness that we develop stronger will power, stronger body, stronger self control and a happy successful life.

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