Gods Formula to success.


Ever felt you have a hole in the pocket? Or you are the alligator that consumes the torn pocketpaycheck ASAP, or you don’t have much or enough? Or you have always been struggling, like never progressing? The big question is, what is the secret to financial success. Today let’s explore what secret God gave us.

Story is told in Genesis 28:11-15 about a young man named Jacob. His dad was a tycoon of the time, a Trump. He inherited fortunes from his dad , Abraham, famously named the father of faith.

The story begins from the birth of Jacob and his brother Esau. Esau is born first and Jacob second but interestingly ,he was holding Esau’s leg. The two boys grow and soon each has an area of specialty. Jacob being a farmer and a favorite to her mum Rebecca and the latter being a hunter and a favorite to his daddy.

The first born was always the spiritual leader in the family and had the right to inherit and be blessed by the father. One day, Esau went to hunt but he got nothing and so he came back home. Wasted by the day’s unfruitful toil and hunger taking an evident toll on him ,he finds Jacob enjoying some well prepared soup, with just the best aroma. Very tasty. So Esau asked for the soup and Jacob asked for the birthright in return.

To story continues and finally Isaac blessed Jacob but jacob had to run away from his brother. He left in a hurry, almost with nothing if not with only his clothes.

Something happened that changed his life entirely along the way to Jethro’s place. While sleeping, at night, cold, tired, lonely, … He does realize how God is good. You aught to read the story.

This is the point. Jacob promises to return tithe, the 10th to God. It does not mean he was paying back but giving back. In ten years time, he had a lot, very wealthy and with very many assets.

Abraham too paid tithe, Job too! Look at their copious abundance . Very rich, discipline, men of worth, men to emulate..

* What did Jesus say about the tithe?
success today
Mathew 23:23
“How terrible it will be for you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your mint, dill, and cummins, but have neglected the more important matters of the Law: justice, mercy, and faithfulness. These are the things you should have practiced, without neglecting the others.”

Giving tithe goes with faithfulness, justice, mercy and keeping the law. So to succeed, all these must go together.

There are many people who are rich, but what does proverbs 10:22 say? You get rich and have no sorrow and receive many blessings. Notice “no sorrow” many may be rich but filled with sorrow yet rich but with Gods blessings, no sorrow.

This is what happens when we don’t return tithe.
Malachi 3:8-9.

8. Will a person rob God? Yet you are robbing me! But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “By the tithe and the offering.
9 You are cursed under the curse—the entire nation—because you are robbing me!

You get cursed. I would prefer to use 9/10 and get blessed and have no sorrow than to use 10/10, with Gods curses, and get my money blown like wind (Haggai 1:9) and have holes in my pocket.

Tell me one who is begging bread and I’ll show you one who robs God.

* Where should we give our tithe? Malachi 3:10.. Gods church

*What if the church does not spend right?
John 12:6 even Judas was stealing from Jesu’s church .. Exodus 36:7 Our part is to be faithful . Malachi 3:11, Philippians 4:19. God will provide all our needs.

* God tests us with 1/7 time and 1/10 of money we earn.

1. Give unselfishly. Luke 21:1-4
Luke 6:28 The more you give to God, the more you receive.

Invest in this secure bank, bank of heaven. You will never lose.
Success today..
In summery,
– Stop robbing God.
– Use 9/10 and get blessed with no sorrow rather than using 10/10 filled with courses from God, that will go into torn pockets and blown away like wind blowing chaff.


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