Achievement is about taking decisive action. Everything that we really
want is already here.
All we have to do is make the decision that we are only going to entertain thoughts that move us into
the actions and habits to attract it. It
is not necessary to map
out the whole way in advance.
Let us take the first
step and go as far as we
can see. When we do this,
we soon realise that our
conditions, our environment and our circumstances start to change.
We adapt to the change
and then go even further.
We must undertake to
keep growing our consciousness.
Do you believe that you can do
this? Alright, say it: “I believe that I
can make the decision to greatly improve the quality of my life in… time.”
Then ask yourself: “Do I do it? “
If you don’t, you want to integrate
your belief with you behaviour. This
is called authenticity. When you truly believe anything, you do it. Trust
me, this seemingly simple exercise is
a game-changer.
It is worth tonnes of influence
and millions of shillings for you.
Now put down the paper. Go on and
act. Do remember me when you become rich, famous and influential in
the future.
Adapted from Business Daily written by
Ms Ruligirwa


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