Success today # 85



Without a strong reason or purpose in life, everything is hard.

A story is told of a young lady in campus named Joy. She always wanted to run 5,000 meters race in Olympics so always, she would wake up early in the morning, run for two hours rest a little then go yo class. She used to avoid partying a lot, especially on Fridays and Saturday evening just to keep up with her class work. Indeed she used to score high grades. When she was asked what kept her going, this is what she said, ” I have a family that loves me, gives me all I need and motivates me. I want to do something to make them proud and give them a chance to travel to outside Kenya.”

What purpose do you have in life? The purpose that will always make you go beyond reality?

Could be you don’t want to be an employee at 35, or maybe travel to many cities and countries by 40 drive before you graduate or live independent life, or be sufficient provider to your family. Whatever the purpose, make sure its big enough to push you go beyond the normal reality.


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