Success today #83



We all have heard of the saying, what you eat is what you become. Its still true to say ‘ What you read is what you become’. The mind is so powerful that it knows how to produce exactly what you feed it with. So be careful of what you take into your mind.

There was this song we used to sing during the sabbath school..

🎵 Be careful little eye what you see,
Be careful little ear what you hear,
Be careful little hands what you touch🎶

Indeed we aught to be careful or even more than careful.

If one wants to be a teacher, he goes and learns how to teach, if one wants to be a doctor, he or she goes to learn how to be a doctor, to be a good cook, one learns to cook.

Making money too is a lesson to learn. If you are earning too little, then you have to learn how to earn more. Moreover, making money is more of a recipe. Some have poor recipes and others have really good ones. An example of a good one is one who earns, saves 20% Let 20% work for him I.e use to create more cash, or buy assets , 10% to pay tithe and donate 50% Use ..

Be careful what you learn, we become what we learn.

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