Success today #81



One of the big reasons why many people struggle all their life and never attain self sufficiency is because they pay themselves last. They get income, pay the house bills, electricity, taxes, school fees and all the other bills but forget themselves. Most often they pay themselves nothing.

How do you pay yourself?
The best way to pay yourself is to buy yourself assets. Asset is something that puts cash into your pocket.

Someone who pays himself always first has a huge asset column and in return a huge cash inflow.

What happens when you pay everyone first is that you will end up having nothing to earn you more income and you will live forever depending on a single source of income like government. You will always have the same recipe. Get monthly pay, pay bills and buy foods then go back to work and the cycle goes on and on. When school fee statement come, you go broke. Why, your asset column is too little.

In summery, learn to pay yourself first always. The best way to do that is to take your pay and increase your asset column.


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