How to stop limiting oneself.


I overhead a friend saying “stop limiting yourself!” I wanted to know how to stop limiting one self or what actually means to stop ‘limiting”. In my research I also came across also came across something more interesting. ” Don’t become a victim of yourself!”
Quite interesting indeed.

These two almost mean the same thing. Imagine you are walking along the streets in town, with heavy human traffic. What are you always conscious about? Some thief looking for an opportunity, right? Do you ever imagine of a thief in your mind?

The mental thief will always say ” You have never done it before, what makes you think you can do it now? Its going to work for others but not you, you are too late and they were too early, you don’t really deserve it, blablabla” Indeed we all go through this thinking. One key thing to note is, this thinking is always shaped by what we think about our self..


Long time ago, Satan conspired with a third of the angels against God and they were thrown. The negative still is fighting the positive, always aiming to overcome. In fact with a slow eye, the negative look like to be almost winning every time. Take an example of  good health and illness. You always have to work on good health and push illness further and further. You have to keep working on it. You have to keep up a relentless pressure. You know you just can’t do it once, fix it and its all done.  So if you have to keep in the positive thinking, what do you have to do?


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