The secret worth $1000


Keeping Gods laws is indeed the beginning of happiness  Joy and success. You know…mmm His law is like a mirror. It tells the problem in you. Most often we forget it is the only thing written by God with his fingers onto a stone tablet. Very precious  words indeed. Imagine God writing a letter to you, a letter addressing what you should do to be happy😊.

Our big problem is, sometimes we throw away the mirror so we cannot see the bad it shows in us. Does that make us happier? No, it makes us have more problems. We get into a chain of problems. Imagine you find your mum throwing the mirror into the dust bin. It means you will go out of your room not knowing how you look like or correcting the problem in your grooming.

Sometimes also we think breaking one won’t make us have much problem, or won’t affect us. What happens if you took a hammer and hit one part of the mirror? Or rather, now that the commands were written on a stone, what will happen if we took the hammer and hit one point?

Indeed the basis of success, Joy, happiness and love is in keeping the law.


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