Success today #78


happy life2Which is the most powerful machine ever made by human being? Think of a machine. Its usually almost in every room. It is the television. Why is it the most powerful? Do you know? Its because it is a door to the outside world. We even place it at the most prime position in the room, at the centre and at the front, not rear. We watch it a lot of time. In the past, we had only about three TV stations and there was real reporting. Everything was almost well balanced. Now there are many thousands. There are also web stations, including youtube, genvideos, vimeo and so forth. There are also many radio stations, many more magazines, newspapers, blogs and podcasts. There are also chat apps like whatspp, linked in, telegram, viber, facebook, instagram and many more. All are fighting for your attention. There is information overload that bombard us daily.
Imagine you are a mum, with a small kid like 8 years old. Here comes a visitor, a good old friend so you leave him in the living room with your kid and go prepare a cup of chocolate. When you get back, you find him sitting on the floor with your kid, tattling a lot of stories about murder, sex and abstinence, beer, some accidents and showing pictures about it. What do you do? You kick him out!! That visitor is the media, the TV in the room.
Media knows you more than you do know even yourself. Take for example, there is traffic along one of the main roads caused by an accident. Soon after the carnage is moved to the side, there is also a lot of traffic. Why?? Because people are trying to look at what happened. What if there is a beautiful sunset just on the other side a few kilometers away? The traffic will move really fast. Media understands we are attracted to the wreck and ugly than the beauty and the attractive. Our mind is designed not to give us happiness. Its sore job is to keep us alive and survival. Its constantly looking out for danger, for attack or things that may interrupt ones survival. When you show it ugly, heinous stuff, it light up and becomes very alert. So this is what is happening in the society. We are constantly bombarded with all these crab, negative, heinous, ugly stuff fed by the media in order to attract our attention.
Our mind is like a vessel. It takes in all that we feed in just like a computer. If we feed it with the ugly stuff, it looks at life as ugly, unfair, heinous, harsh place. Garbage in garbage out. Its like pouring dirty water into the vessel. You know you don’t usually have to look for dirty water, always just even next to your door. You don’t buy and nether can you sell. You know sometimes even our chats or what we say is like this water? The question is, how do we change how to look at the world? If you take a glass full of dirty water and just pour in clean water, allowing water to overflow, soon the vessel will be filled with clean water. Its just the same with the mind. If we wish to look at the beautiful life God has given us, we have to go look for the clean water to pour in our vessels, our mind. This way way you will see the prosperity, the abundance, love, greatness, success, clean clear thoughts, possibilities, the big opportunities around you. Remember where your attention goes, your energy goes. What controls your focus controls your life.

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