Success today #77


Most often I wonder what does education have to do with my life. I remember back in highschool I just wanted to be the best in class and score an A. When I got that, life was still just the same in fact not much different. I did spend a lot of hours studying and in discussions, sometimes waking at 3 just to beat everyone and yet all that does not seem to count much. Why? What is the role of education in life?

Formal education gives you a job like being a doctor or teacher or an engineer. What of there are no more jobs?

Self education makes you rich or rather successful. Knowing who you are and teaching yourself. This is not the education you memorize scientific names just for an exam. Its the education of knowing ‘you’. Its the education of learning to invest, to make goals, to know the big picture.
Self education attract success. It makes you go for the best, give your best, be joyful, do what you like the heartiest and an achiever.


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