Success today #76


Have you ever gone to the market with your loved one or kids or best friend then you come across a sweet cookie or something tasty. You know you really want to buy but problem comes. You don’t have a 100 bob in your pocket for that. Big embarrassment and pain too right? But what is the solution?

Personal development is one of the key factors we should always focus. No one really tells you how to develop. No curriculum will give you an outline of how to develop and so most often we fail to know how to develop personally.

Someone once said if you want to improve your economy, spiritual status, education and all that is outside, then you must develop inside first. Once you develop your inside then everything else will develop with you. So the quiz is, how do you develop your inside?

The best answer is….
Always keep upgrading your knowledge and skills. Your inside is your mind and therefore you will always have to develop that. You can change all things for the better if you can change your mind, yourself for the better. 


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