Success today#75

Win Before the game begins always and you will be successful.

Do and go almost the opposite of where everyone else is going. Figure out where people go and just do the opposite. Its gonna be fun and quite interesting as long as you just do what is right. Take for example in December, people are so sluggish, go party and do weird stuff. What is the opposite of that? Plan for January really well and work hard than the past months. Like finish strong.

Always get a running fast start.
How can you do this?
1.Plan a good schedule
2. Organize what you value. You always spend time and money on what you value. So book and plan for what you value like family and romance really well lest it let you down.
3. Have a planning time.
Its good to always, every month have a good time to plan. Not forgetting every time before you sleep plan the next day.

4. Have one goal.
5. Have one skill to focus and develop.
6. Grow into your goals. Invest in your personal development.
7. Look at not cost. Look at worth.

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