Success today #74


winning life success today.jpg

In high school, the best student in the class used to get a scholarship to a good university and do his or her course of choice. That was only if he or she scored an A. Moreover, he or she would also receive ksh 60,000 and a laptop. That is winning. However, the one who winning success today 2came second and maybe fail to get an A by just one point would get ksh 30,000 only. The best athlete usually gets almost double what the second gets. Do you notice the difference between the winner and the others is always a little? Could be just one point or half a mark or a split second. This is what makes the difference. So what is the secret to being a winner?

To be a winner means to always do a little more than the rest. If you are a student, or a teacher or an entrepreneur, or a CEO of a company and you wish to be the winner, then you have to figure out the little bit more you can do. Could be a little bit more on your discipline or personal growth or effort like studying or a little bit more mentor-ship.

In order to do a little bit more, you need to re-frame what pain means to you. This could be of much help to separate from the losers.

Always we see pain as something to avoid. In a gym, you most often find stickers written, no pain… no gain. We all know that the way to grow a muscle is by subjecting pain to it like lifting weights. Pain is a requisite for growth and development. Pain is also progress. Take for example a group of mountain climbers. The more they go higher, the harder it becomes but that is progress. As they move higher, the lesser the number of those who can keep up. Pain separates the extra ordinary from the ordinary, it separates you from mediocre.  Pain is also victory.winning success.jpg If it were easy, everyone would do it. Its hard to be a victor and a little more painful. That is why if you wanna be a winner then you must be willing to do a little more that everyone else would not be willing. Note that everyone goes through some pain, but it is that pain beyond the pain threshold that makes the difference. Its that pain that has a multiplier effect. Take for example, everyone does a study for two hours. If you study too for two hours, you will be at the same table with everyone but its the few more minutes that brings the difference. Everyone could be making 10 goals but if you can make 11, 12, 13 that makes the difference. That makes you a winner. The little bit more. The little extra that makes the extra ordinary. So pain is good. Don’t avoid it, don’t stay below it and don’t discard.

In conclusion, ask yourself, how many times are you going to do a little bit more in a day? And how many times before the end of the year?

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