Success today #73

How to finish BIG and STRONG.

success today finish strong

What is it that separate between winners and losers? Do winners do a little more or a lot more than the losers? What is the difference between the principal and the teacher or maybe the boss and the employee? Do they do a lot different works or its just a little difference? It is true there is not much difference. The difference between the Olympic gold medalist and the silver medalist is always so small but that small is great. Its always the final stretch, the final seconds, the final exam or the final efforts that make the difference between the winner and loser.

In life, everyone starts. Everyone starts new year resolution, everyone starts school, some may start a race or do a program language or a business or a course but not everyone will finish. Some will quit in a few hours or in a day or when half way. It is key to note that success is not starting but finishing. It is not what you start, its what you finish and how strong you finish.

A story is told of a young girl named Jepkosgei. She was always a good athlete even in the university but one thing always bothered her. She was always the second in almost all the races even though she was so talented. One day as she was walking back home after another loss, an Olympic couch stopped her and asked if she wanted to know what to do to always win. Jepkosgei didn’t take a sec to say yes. This is what the couch said “Always focus on the tape at your last stretch. You always look over your shoulder just before you finish the race and at that point, your opponent outruns you”. That was a changing step to her and ever since she always became the best. That is what keeps making us losers sometimes. I realized what failed most students in the final exams is that they start celebrating the end of primary or high school before the final exams. They end up losing the momentum and focus they have been developing the whole year. As a result they score a lower mark than they would. So how can you make sure you avoid the distractions at the last stretch?

This has always proved to be a good solution.
1. Write down the distractions that you may face like being involved too much, or petty relationships or family or friends… 5 is a good number.
2. Write a prevention plan.

In conclusion,
Always plan to finish strong and big.
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