Success Today#70

part 4.

Understanding vital few priorities.

success today7

Priority is a task that must be done in the function to create a desirable outcome. A lion is averagely 800 kg. Its known as the king of the jungle. He knows how to look and get its prey really well. But why is it scared when a man stands with a four legged tool on his hand? Its simply because the lion sees not only one person attacking but four other! Its just the same way with your mind or lion. If you approach your office, or study room with many priorities, you will end up giving up. Therefore it is vital to identify the vital priorities. This is what we call the lion syndrome. Too many choices creates paralysis.


How can you identify your priorities?


1.Have a list of all the priorities that you do have. You could write them in a notebook. Does not matter how many pages the priorities list will take.


2. Narrow down to the top three priorities. These are the key things that you have to to, things that will improve your economy, things that will assure you of success today and tomorrow, things that will make you succeed or even make you happy the most.


3. Throw away all the other priorities and keep only the three. This makes the difference between the super achievers and just all the other achievers.


4. Once all the three priorities are met, make another new list , pick the most essential  three and dump the rest priorities.


5. Focus insanely to all the priorities and leave all the rest.



Steve JobsSteve jobs is one of they who are know to prioritize on only one priority and focus in it. His company Pixar used to produce one awesome animation once a year and from that, it paid a lot much. There is power in working at one big thing at a time. When he joined Apple again, he took his philosophy. If you can make a group of people focus on one big thing then basically you will produce a revolutionary product or item. It took seven years to produce the iphone after producing the ipod and later ipad. Steve would focus everyday on the one thing that was #1 priority and he made billions. Imagine if you could focus 4 hours with no distractions, in your #1 priority everyday for 5 years. Just to say, on average we are distracted after every three minutes but takes 11 MINUTES TO REGAIN CONCENTRATION!! Imagine when you go to sleep, and you are awaken after every hour. You will surely wake up feeling a lot more tired unlike when you sleep peacefully for around 7 hours. That’s just the same with the day. Focus is key here. Fight distractions at all cost.


success today3Most often we spend time reacting and not creating. We spend time reacting to emails, to facebook comments or whatsapp chats. Almost 95% of our time is wasted daily reacting! Ask yourself, what do you gain from reacting? Absolutely nothing. You are not paid to comment on a group chat, or reply to some weird email or maybe an instagram photo. If you are not creating than you a are basically helping someone else create his. Super achievers spend their time most often creating.


success today8Ladies always claim to be able to multi-task. In a research it was deduced that more than 28% of productive focus is wasted on multitasking. You cannot watch a movie and study your parasitology or organic chemistry notes, or reply an email and at the same time be in a conference call or cook and at the same time study. What happens is that you keep on switching. You watch then switch to reading and repeatedly do that. This has a lot of effect on your mind. It makes you more dumber than one smoking Marijuana. It reduces more than 10 point of your IQ. Super achievers do not multi-task.


Focus is a skill, every bit a foundation to success as reading or writing. Control your attention and you can finally control your life. It does develops like a muscle. Unused, you lose and when used you develop it. Super achievers always have this secret. They take around 90 minutes of full concentration, without any disturbance  or distraction. If you can do the same then you are on your way to being a super achiever. Basically at the start you will feel like time is dragging by but eventually you will find out how easy and incredible it is.


Success today9Another game changing idea is rest. After 90 minutes of full focus and concentration, your productivity reduces or declines. I had many friends who were athletes in high school. Some even Olympic athletes now. What they often do is, they do the running early in the morning then take the rest of the day resting.
Kenya's Ezekiel Kemboi runs to win the men's 3000m steeplechase final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium
Rest too is vital.

Imagine what would happen if Kemboi went for a 3000 meters race just when he is seriously tired. He wont be that much productive! In order for you to be at your highest level of productivity, you have to rest.


Super achievers also do track their productivity. They make the three main priorities and goals, throw away all the other crap goals, form the behaviors necessitated by the three priorities and finally track how they are on track. They will always fight to improve on the behavior. Failing to do all these is like succeeding to be a complicated failure.


Vital Improvements.

In a study done by KCB bank, 99% of those who get jackpot cash always have the same lifestyle after 5 years. They cash they do receive do not change much. Why? Someone also once said if all the cash in the world, both in the hands of the rich and poor, was collected and shared equally, soon the poor will be poor again and the money will flow back to the millionaires. Why?


Every individual is at the center of his or her universe. The world reacts to what one does. When you change, everything around too changes. Everyone has a personal DEVELOPMENT SET-POINT. Its like a thermostat. It does not matter what happens outside. This point will always be just the same. We all have this point. The reason why some cannot achieve more maybe because the set-point is not that high. You give someone money and soon he we be just at the same point. Give someone a business and soon it will be useless to him. The big question is, how do you improve your set- point cos if you can improve it then money, business, health will improve with ‘you’. Rohn says, ‘ For things that change, you have to change. For things that get better, you have to get better. For things that improves, you have to improve and when you improve everything else will improve.’


IMG_20151203_113911In conclusion,

1.Stop doing all the other things and have few priorities.
2. Master the vital FEW.
3. Out FOCUS.
4.Out LAST. (consistency) The tortoise will always win, no matter how skilled the hare is.
5. Out GROW.

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