Success Today #69

Secret to being a Super Achiever

Super achiever4
Most often success is not doing all the many things in your do to list, not doing all that bombard you when you get into your office or  maybe when you get up. There has to be something to do that we can call it in our case vital few. Super achievers learn to do this vital few to a great efficiency and mastery. Indeed they do understand its better to be super efficient in the few than be mediocre in many. When we try to be good in everything, what happens? We end up being mediocre in everything! We don’t get to the world class in anything and that’s why we end up being almost failures. If you look at world class people, they are always good in almost just one thing and almost poor in the rest. They may not even know how to play ball or ride a motorcycle.
If you have to be a super achiever then you have to leave all the other things. Be a mediocre in those and the best in the vital few. Have a give up list. Things like television, movies, news, sports music, social media and so on. Its not a must you leave all but if it does not add value to your vital few, why spend your time on? Look for example news. Always talking about negativity of life, all the worst things happening in the world. I remember asking my dad once why the news is always about someone killed, war or injustice in the society, corruption and many other negative things in the community. Most people too think social media is free! Its not! Its burning your time a lot.
The big question is, what are you going to give up to get what you want? Give up 99% of the crap you do and master the 1% to your best.

Understanding the vital few.

vital few functionsImagine of this young girl, involved in as accident. She has a bleeding leg and some part of her head is swelling a lot. She is taken to the hospital and you are the doctor. What would you do first?…. Basically you will start looking at the vital points. Points like the heart.  Your heartbeat could be dropping or your lungs could be affected and if they worry about the bleeding leg, you may die before they are even done dressing the wound. There are things too that are vital to your productivity.
There are vital few functions, vital few priorities, vital few improvements. If you can focus on improving all these you can be a super achiever.

Vital few functions.

These are the few things you do that you are paid for, things that make you the rain maker in the family or the company or maybe best student in your class or work place.
Lets take for example a doctor. The doctor does not go around assembling the tools, cleaning the room, getting everything ready or even do the simple operation part. If he is to operate on the heart, he will not be the one to open the body cavity. He does the vital part, operating on the heart and leaves all the rest to other staff.  Vital because if done well the patient survives else dies. Always fight to work on the vital few functions that you can only do and leave the rest. Identify the few that you must do, not everything.

How to do the vital few.

First you have to always know how valuable today. Every hour you got to do something valuable, something that you could pay someone to do the same thing you are doing. Could you pay someone even a hundred shilling note to watch youtube for an hour? Or could you pay five shillings to any comment someone makes? If not, could you take a hundred shillings note and burn when you watch a movie for 24 hours? Always aim to do your vital duties. Stop doing what abuses your time. Everyone is born and time starts to click, life gets shorter each and every second. Its like a rope lit on one side and all it has is time. Know how valuable your time is.

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