Success today #67

Secret to Being a Super Achiever.

super achiever
Part 1.
Most often we meet some people who are seriously successful. Some are even too young but drive big vehicles, live good lives and have achieved a lot. What did they do that most do not do? How did they made to success? How? how? how? If you were to assess yourself, would you think you are really working hard, than the most successful? Could working very hard be the key to success or something else?
There are four kinds of people.
1. The un-engaged. These are the people who don’t care at all what should be done. They spend their time on social media, sleeping, talking and making noise maybe on politics.
2. Over motivated underachiever. These are the kind of people who know a lot on how to be successful but do not apply any. They read blogs, attend seminars and motivation talks but still apply nothing.
3. Over motivated, overwhelmed, over achiever. They work hard, earn a lot, spend lots of time working and are really motivated.
4. Super achiever. They are not overwhelmed by what they are doing, are well motivated, are really excellent and achieve the most.
super achiever3Alright, I bet you too wanna be a super achiever as I do. Lets have a look at threats to being a super achiever, to realizing your dreams, to beating all your goals, to having a success today.


Imagine you are the principal of a national school like maybe Alliance Boys. A student comes in and goes to the reception desk, gets some petty cash from the drawer at your watch. He then takes a matchbox and starts to light each thousand shilling note. One by one. How long would you take to punish him? or give him some slaps, or fight him? This is exactly what is happening day in day out. People are just burning your resources, your time, your focus, your dream, your purposes in life! Distraction is the big killer, big friend to failure. We do loose a lot through distractions.
It is of great value to learn how to avoid distractions, to know how to be in control. Learning to control your attention, learning to control your focus. Today’s world is insanely distractive. We have so many windows that give in distractions. Long ago it was just a knock at the door or a ring of the phone but today! Talk of tweeter, facebook, youtube, movies, parties, phones, laptops, bla bla bla…We now need to be insanely focused too. You don’t have to blame technology, but fight to progress too at the same rate technology is.

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