Success Today #66

Being a better leader part 2.

being a better leader.
In this part we gonna answer some crucial questions.

1. How to get people you want to do what you want.

To answer this equation, you need to ask yourself two questions.
      a) Know what you want? What attributes do you want in your partner or employee? What are these ideal attribute? Could be honest, hardworking, passionate blablabla…Write them down. Try to make the list as long as possible.
      b) Do you have and demonstrate these attributes?
The only way to find people who possess these attributes is to demonstrate them yourself first. As always said, show me your friend and I will tell your character.
Great leaders
If the president is to give one person in a big hall a full sponsorship of his or her company, What do you think he will look at? He gets into the room and sits then observes. He will look and observe. Ask yourself, would you want to be sponsored by you? Do you have all the passion, the energy, persistence, what it takes to show in a way that you are the only one who deserves to win the sponsorship? If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a quality person.

2. What can leaders do?

better leadersIf you wanna become someone in the future, keep doing what you are doing and add value. Do it if you wanna become financially independent, do it if you wanna have a big name, do it if you wanna go to places, do not talk and make noise, do it, just do it and do it and do it and do it. Just do it, don’t give up. You want to save money, just do it, you want be a good manager, just do it, be a good manager, be a winner. Winners do it and do it and do it and do it until its all done  then talk about how amazing it was. Just do it.

3. How to develop good recruiting skills?

PrintAll leaders always do have to recruit. Everyone does it from the military, churches, businesses and so on. Best businesses have high quality and high performing people. Talk of apple, or microsoft or google or facebook or dell or amazon. All were started and maintained by high performing people. This is why its often said one great person can outperform 100 good people.
Great people are not trained, they are found. If you want to recruit friendly, smiling, happy people you, don’t train them you just recruit people with those qualities.
As a leader you always need to know what people are looking for before recruiting them. Here are 5 things they are looking for.
  •    Great people. People want to work with excellent and powerful people. People are more attracted to work with great people.
  •    Challenge. Many people look for something that will challenge them, something that excites and quite not so simple.
  •    Opportunity. They want to know if your company has opportunities, goals, aims, something to work on each day and a future.
  •    Personal growth. They want to know like who to be in the company, what to aim for, what to achieve and even who to be  after spending much time in the company.
  •    Money. People don’t mind much about money as long as the other 4 are satisfied.
The aim is to create a team of winners who are passionate and smart. Steve jobs used to asses if the person will fall in love with the company. Asses peoples heart. People can do more than great only if they love something.
Command of needHow did Jesus recruit his followers? He went about and when he met someone he said ” You follow me”. And amazingly people did. They left their jobs and moved with not much questions. Who you are speaks so loud that one can barely hear what you saying. Its never about the words you use. Who you are behind the words is more powerful than the words you speak. Develop more on who you are coz we often communicate with feelings and not words.
Its key to note that you cannot sell something you have not bought wholeheartedly yourself, you cannot convince somebody with something you are not convinced of yourself.

 4. How to attract customers or clients.

Its passion that attracts people most often to like your products. Words are like a needle. If you throw a needle on someone, the needle will just bounce off and have not much effect. However if you took a pole or a long stick or wire the needle to the end of an iron bar, then trow it, it will even move deep into the heart. The iron bar is like the emotion, the passion.

5. How to sell.

being a better leader success today..jpgDon’t sell, but help. Always speak on the position of helping but not selling. You sell when you solve problems. Focus on what you can do for your clients and they will do almost everything for you. Zig Ziglar once said you can have everything in life if you can help just other enough people get what they want. Do not focus on getting but focus on giving. Give what it is that you want. Give love, confidence, courage, belief, hope and strength. If you give someone a flower, that same fragrance will remain in your hand. Do not focus only on communicating but also focus on connecting. Focus on showing not telling.  A great leader is just a great example. You must have basically heard this ” Monkey see monkey do!”.

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