Success today #63

Success first line.

Success first line today

Most often, success comes when we do something worthwhile, something that adds value, something thats not easy. Here are five commands in success first line.
1. Commandment of control. This is like the land in which you build your business. Do you own that land or you depend on some third party guy controlling it. Apple in the leading business because it has control of its grounds. Can someone cone and tell you leave? Don’t establish a business that will depend on some third party like maybe amazon or affiliate marketing. That way you are breaking the law of control. Be the marketer or the owner. What if you are kicked for no reason. Have the control and not some third party.
Command of entry2. The commandment of entry. This command asks, how easy or difficult it is getting in business? How strong is the door to your company? If anyone from the street can do business with you, you are violating the law of entry. If its as easy as filling some on-line form, or commenting something or participating in some project you are violating the law of entry. The essence of business that succeeds, or any entrepreneurship is problem solving. It must have an element of difficult. In fact the difficulty is the opportunity. People always looking for easy ways to make money rarely succeed. So if entry is easy, its violating entry.
Command of need3. The commandment of need. The main reason for business to exist is to solve a problem. When a problem is solved, money is exchanged. You honor the commandment of need by filling gaps, eradicating inconvenience, providing better services, making thigs easier, satisfying wants and cravings. This law does not give a shit whether you do your passion or what you love. Is you cant satisfy the needs, you are violating this law and you wont succeed.
Command of time4. Time. Ultimately your solution or product will have to stand in time without your connection to it. Does it serve while you are away? The essence of the law of time is for you to run away from the worst relationship ever, time for money. Every thing that exist took some space time. Notice that what you can create in dependence of you can also sale independence of you. You are not paid for time but for the value you add.
Success first line5. Scale. Scale builds on time. Can your product be scaled, or replicated easily? If you are making a drug that takes three months to make, or an application or software or machine. Can it be replicated easily within the short time to serve many people? This way you can make 1000 times profit without 1000 times work.

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