Success today #62

Building your network business.

Building your business
1. Demonstrate your product impressively.
2. Express yourself.
 Express yourself totally and completely well. Be yourself and don’t duplicate someones success.
3. Exploit opportunity.
4. Be Confident. You are good enough.
5. Take on the Best.
How do you then make something catchy, or liked by many or go viral?
1. Consider social currency. An Hotel could sell a pizza for ksh 5000 while another could sell at ksh500. Someone taking the ksh 5000 pizza will most likely share it maybe even a picture on istagram coz it makes her feel good. Ask yourself, does it make you feel good?
2. Consider the possibility of triggering something. A few years ago, Kit kat was loosing a lot on sales. They came up with an advert where they linked kit kat with coffee. Interestingly, the sales went up by 33%. Why? Because coffee is something taken most often by many. Ask yourself, how often can I remind someone of my product.
3. Consider the emotional part. People like sharing strong emotions. Last year an article written by a universit student suffering from Cancer went viral on twitter. Every one wanted to donate something for him and share with others. In three weeks the guy had received a good number of millions. Always avoid sad emotions. No one does wish to share something sad.
4. Consider Public image.
If people in an estate always buy new cars with most recent number plates, someone new in the estate will most likely do the same.  Everyone tend to ask himself, what is everyone else doing? The idea is, can people see when others are using your product?
5. Consider its Practical value. If something is really helpful, or adds value or makes someone feel good or happy, many will tend to share it to others so it may help them too. So the idea is, is your product really helpful?
6. Stories. When people meet, or friends or family member, they often share stories. Most often people don’t care about the stuff in the book but the story. Moreover people usually wish to share a story. A company making blenders made an advertisement where they took an iphone and blend it into powder. Someone looking at the advert will tend to share it with friends how the iphone was made powder. So the idea here is, can your product be a relevant part of a cool story?

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